Creating a Private Space for Outdoor Solitude

Ladyhammock-150x150 in Creating a Private Space for Outdoor Solitude and backyard-livingEscaping the house and heading into the yard is all about fresh air and sunshine.  We want to feel that warm breeze, hear the birds and smell the flowers.  Sometimes that means running around the lawn or digging in the gardens or washing the car in the driveway.

Other times you might want some much needed privacy.  Like breathing room to have a nap, read or just rest awhile.  And unless you live in a rural area, that can be difficult to do when all of the neighbors are hanging out in their yards too.

It’s important to create areas of privacy on your patio and in your yard.  With plantings and hardscaping you can bask in the open air and sunlight while enjoying privacy and solitude.

Living Screens

Planting evergreen trees creates a living fence that provides both privacy and a windbreak.  Make sure you choose a type of evergreen that will thrive in your soil and plant them in direct sunlight.  Also look for a species that will hold their needles for as long as possible (skip the ponderosa pine, as it drops needles every year and leaves an open, brown area throughout the tree that’s not so private).

Man Made Screens

Incorporating privacy screens into your wooden deck, stone patio or just on the lawn is an easy way to create a private oasis.

Build screens into the framing of your wooden deck or as part of the railing.  Or sink wood posts out on the lawn or around the stone patio and build the screens as you would a fence.

Think about where you want the privacy – such as around a porch swing or beside the hammock.  Also consider which direction the sun and wind come from and try to make the screens do double duty as a windbreak or to provide shade.

When you build a privacy screen on the patio or in the yard you can design something incredibly useful into your outdoor living space.  Screens create a backyard room that extends your home’s area into the great outdoors.

Invest in a high quality patio set and build decorative screens around it for an al fresco dining room.  Outdora has a wide selection of top of the line patio sets, including tables large enough for the whole family or romantic bistro sets for just the two of you.  Try a conversation set to create a family room right on the patio, perfect for lounging and catching up.

Don’t forget to invest in a patio heater to make the season of enjoyment last a little longer in your outdoor rooms.  Check out the selection at Outdora , where everything from tabletop models to wall mount styles and powerful floor heaters will keep the entire area warm and cozy.

With greenery or custom built privacy screens (or a combination of both), you can have that private area just steps from your patio door.  With top quality furniture and patio heaters, you’ll have all the comforts of your home’s interior and all the benefits of the fresh air together.

Life in the backyard will couldn’t be better.


Diana Dart was born into the patio design business.  Working in her family contracting business for years, she’s now part owner and loves spending her time helping homeowners create an oasis in their backyards.  She’s also published countless articles about gardening, curb appeal and landscaping online and in various print publications.

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