Grill Cover Purchasing Guide

Bge-cover-234x300 in Grill Cover Purchasing Guide and barbecueSo, you have purchased a new backyard grill, and now it is time to protect it from the elements. Most barbecue grills are made out of stainless or porcelain coated steel; which holds up well under the elements, but also has the tendency to rust over time. Purchasing the correct grill cover will shield your investment from harsh weather conditions for years to come.

There are three important keys in selecting the correct grill cover for you grill. The first key is to purchase a cover that fits your grill. An improperly fitting cover will not protect your grill properly.  The second important step is to choose a cover that is made out of a sturdy material. The final key to choosing the correct grill cover is to choose one that has some kind of tie down mechanism.

Size and Shape

In order to find a grill cover that fits it is imperative that you know the exterior dimensions of your grill. If a grill cover is too large, it will not stay in place when the wind picks up; if it is too small, then it will quickly show signs of wear and tear on the edges and corners.

The shape of your grill is also a key consideration when shopping for a cover. If you own a Big Green Egg, for example, a rectangle shaped grill cover will not work.   Fortunately, the Big Green Egg manufacturers custom made grill covers for each of their grills.  By choosing the proper shape cover, you will ensure that there is not excess material that can catch water and be battered in the wind.

Most manufacturers sell covers specifically built for their grills. Purchasing a cover this way will ensure that it fits your grill properly.  If the manufacturer does not make a grill cover for you barbecue, then look for a generic one that is has the proper dimensions.


I purchased a new grill cover a few months ago for a sweet price: $5. It was a little big for the grill, but I tied it down and figured that it would work just fine. Two days later it, after a moderate wind storm, the cover was completely thrashed and unusable. When it comes down to it, don’t sacrifice durability for price.

Choose a grill cover that is made of thick material. High quality canvas or nylon are the two best options. Also look for a model that has few seams, as they tend to come unsown over time.  Some covers come with air vents built into them. Avoid these because the vents can let moisture in and facilitate rust development.  Before purchasing a cover, feel the material to make sure that it is thick and durable and check the seams to ensure that they are tight.

Tie Downs

This may be the most important key to choosing a good grill cover. One of the major problems that I have had with grill covers is that they don’t stay on during wind storms. A good grill cover will have either an elastic bottom or tie string to secure the bottom of the cover to the grill. This will keep the cover from blowing off. Some models even come with actual hooks or strings that attach to the grill.

If you can’t find a grill cover that you like with some type of tie down, you can secure it by placing bricks along the base of the grill and on the side burner and/or shelf.  This type of securing should be a last resort, because condensation can built up underneath the bricks over time, which can cause your grill to rust.

A good grill cover will cost between $50 and $100. You may think that is a bit expensive, but keep in mind that you paid much more for the grill that you are trying to protect. You have invested in a quality backyard grill; now get a cover to protect it.


Derrick Sharp is a Barbecue enthusiast with over a decade of grilling experience who owns and writes for the Backyard Grilling & Outdoor Living Blog. He has spent the past two years designing and building his own built in Brazilian Churrasco style brick barbecue grill. Derrick has published extensively online and is a platinum level author at EzineArticles.

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