Mystery has a new home in Sonoma

WrathGrapes-300x200 in Mystery has a new home in Sonoma and winecountryThe choices of things to do in wine country just got richer this month.

It’s being billed as part mystery, part interactive theater, part walking tour and a whole lot of fun. It’s called The Wrath of Grapes and offers a brand new take on what it means to do wine country.

The Wrath of Grapes will introduce you to a mysterious whodunit world you never knew existed in wine country. In small groups, you will work your way through and around the Historic Plaza District of Sonoma, California on a 2 hour mission. During your mission you’ll visit unusual shops, taste wine at secret locations and interact with intriguing characters who will engage you, challenge you and ultimately help you as you solve one of Sonoma’s most scandalous secrets.

The Wrath of Grapes is the first offering from Arcanum Wine Country, the brainchild of Sterling Stevens. A veteran of wine country touring, Stevens previously owned and operated Vintage Wine Tours of Sonoma which offered personalized wine tours utilizing vintage Cadillac and Rolls-Royce vehicles.

“The whole idea is to give visitors and locals alike a fun and unique experience,” Stevens said. ” While the experience is unique, it still allows participants the chance to enjoy the very things people come to wine country for such as world class wine, great food and the beautiful countryside.”

He knew from his experience with Vintage Wine Tours that people were hungry for the something new, something that would extend the wine country experience outside of the tasting room.

“Our Wrath of Grapes walking tour really made sense for Sonoma,” he explains. “Being home to California’s largest town square, you couldn’t ask for a better location.”

Stevens is starting Arcanum Wine Country in Sonoma. The business offers eight tours of 10 participants daily. Open four days a week, Thursday through Sunday. Eventually, he hopes to expand into other Wine Country cities.

Tickets for The Wrath of Grapes are $65 each which includes wine. Tickets can be purchased online at

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