Patty’O Grillin’

Corned Beef Grill-300x273 in PattyO Grillin and barbecueCorned beef may not be a traditional Irish dish but it certainly is a popular one. Whether you’re Irish-American or just entertaining guests for the season of Saint Patrick’s Day, this tasty brisket will bring more than luck to the table at dinner time.

For brisket fans, corned beef is no stranger and most find the preparation a bit tricky. Most importantly, you want to draw out the salt used to cure it and then cook it slow using an indirect heat. The best grill for the job is the 27-inch Lynx grill with rotisserie because it uses radiated heat and allows the speed and intensity of heat to be adjusted. The importance of these features will be clearly defined when the time comes to cook the perfect brisket, especially when it pertains to the meticulous cooking process used to present tender meat.  It is easy to cook a large cut of meat too quickly therefore leaving behind a tough dry texture, but with the Lynx your task will be simplified.

The Lynx comes with a heavy-duty rotisserie rod and will provide you with the tools needed to avoid dry meat by allowing you to adjust the level of the rotisserie and provide the right degree of heat necessary to slow cook your brisket almost similar to that of a Dutch oven.  When you are done you can use one of the fold down shelves as a serving tray to present your tender cut.  Because this is a freestanding grill, you can do it all right there on your patio.

Another grilling assistant option is the 26 inch Sole Gourmet Grill, which is designed using commercial grade stainless steel and poised on top of heavy-duty casters that are excellent for when you need the mobility for backyard or patio grilling.  The Sole Gourmet Grill is built with one click instant heat ignition system accompanied by Ceramic Radiant Flame Tamers designed to prevent flare-ups.  It also has side shelves for preparing side dishes like cabbage that is so commonly found on the side of corned beef.

Often times, corned beef is packed with freshly ground seasonings with cracked pepper being the most frequently found.   Taking this into consideration, it is a great benefit not to have a flare-up because you don’t want the outside of the meat to char nor do you want any of the seasoning on the outside of the meat to burn.  You don’t need to worry about this when using this particular grill. The Sole uses natural gas and comes with a liquid propane conversion kit.  If you chose to use the rotisserie method with this particular grill you can easily purchase one separately and attach it yourself.

So there you have it– the Lynx 27 inch for good rotisserie or the 26-inch Sole Gourmet if you like grill marks and tender slow cooking. No matter which one of these unique freestanding grills you chose you will have much more than luck of the Irish when preparing your meal this season. Happy Grillin’!

Ivan Stewart has helped consult hundreds of people on the art of designing an outdoor kitchen. His motto is “if you can dream it, we can build it”. He recently took first place in a local barbeque competition in the East Bay. Ivan has helped many consumers learn how to choose and use a barbeque that will complement their lifestyle. When he is not helping clients, he is working at perfecting his craft as a pit master.

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