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Save Money and Garden Smart – Annuals that You Can Carry Over Until Next Year

HANGING-BASKET-ANNUALS-300x223 in  and gardeningtipsDuring the summer, many gardeners fill hanging baskets, planters and containers with annuals.  These plants are typically inexpensive, easy to take care of and simply available at the local garden center but not many gardeners know that these same plants can be saved until next summer.

This misconception of annuals starts off with the definition.  An annual is a plant that lasts one growing season.  These plants do not go into a dormant state and in doing so are killed by a frost.  This is much different when compared to a perennial that goes into a dormant state and is not killed by a frost.  If annuals are brought indoors before a killing frost, they can be saved until next growing season.  While this process seems simple there are a few important steps to follow.

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