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Don’t let frigid temperatures outdoors put a damper your love of grilling!

Snow-day-egg-300x225 in  and barbecueI’m a big fan of outdoor cooking, no matter the season, and the fact that winter is upon us hasn’t stalled my grilling at all. If anything, I feel more inspired to get out on the patio and fire up the Lynx Grill, (36” Freestanding, in case you were curious,) in an effort to

keep the frost and chill at bay. Few things keep me warmer than an open fire, and what better excuse can be found than, “I was cooking dinner!”

There are several things to take into consideration when it comes to winter grilling. The obvious being struggles with ice and snow. A build up of ice on the grill, or a snow drift around it means your grill will take longer to heat up and that it will also have to work harder to maintain a constant temperature. This is where debate over the use of gas or charcoal rages. Traditionalists will argue that there is simply no replacing the feel or flavor of charcoal grilling. However, in cold weather a gas grill has certain advantages. You will find it much easier to achieve high and consistent heat with gas, no matter the temperature outside. Charcoal requires more patience, regardless of the season, but especially during colder months. One sure way to mitigate the cold when using charcoal is to cook with a ceramic unit like, The Big Green Egg. Sturdy ceramic walls will hold heat exceptionally well, and will allow the charcoal to burn efficiently.

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Outdora at EggtoberWest on 10/10/10

Outdora’s Barbecue Stu and Sierra Select’s Ken Simons attended Sacramento’s Big Green Egg festival (aka EggtoberWest) last weekend and mingled with people who are passionate about their Big Green Egg.  Eggheads were serving up everything from Paella to Kangaroo on their beloved Egg.   Some highlights were captured on video.  Thanks to all who contributed.


Preparing Charcoal For Grilling

I vividly remember my first experience grilling over charcoal. It was an enormous flop. I used way too much lighter fluid, I didn’t let the coals get hot before beginning cooking, and was wholly impatient. The steaks were basically raw and tasted more like kerosene than beef. After a little trial and error and much reading I put together a three step method on preparing charcoal for grilling. In this article I will share this process with you.

Charcoal Grill Large Splash in  and barbecue

The first step in preparing charcoal for the grill is to never use lighter fluid. It takes quite a while to burn completely off the charcoal, and many times it seems like it never does. If you really care about the flavor of your food you will put the lighter fluid away and invest in an electric charcoal starter.

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The Art Of Grilling With Salt

Rock-Salt-300x266 in  and barbecueWhile living in the northeast of Brazil almost a decade ago I was intrigued by the grilling technique showcased in Brazilian Churrascarias. Churrascarias are steak houses where large roasts are cooked low and slow on large spits; as the meat is cooked, small pieces are cut off and eaten with rice and beans. The beef was extremely flavorful and I was dying to get my hands on a recipe. After asking around, I was given a tour of a churrascaria kitchen and I was surprised to find out that the only seasoning used on their meats was salt. That’s right, only salt!

Upon returning to the United States I began experimenting with the use of salt while grilling. I quickly learned, by trial and error, that the choice of salt can make or break your meal. There are four basic types of salt used in American kitchens: Rock Salt, Kosher Salt, Table Salt, and Pickling Salt. Choosing the correct grind of salt for the cut of meat that you are using, will ensure that  it is flavorful and juicy. The following guide will demonstrate the best way to use 2 of the aforementioned types of salt: Rock Salt and Kosher Salt.

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Stuffed Quail or Cornish Game Hens recipe for the BGE from Richard in FL

Quail-bacon in  and big-green-egg-recipes-contestOutdora would like to thank Richard Howe from Melbourne, FL for submitting his original Stuffed Quail or Cornish Game Hens recipe for the Big Green Egg.  Richard is definitely passionate about his outdoor cooking.  He bought his first Kamado grill in the 60s in Southeast Asia and he currently owns 4 Big Green Eggs!  Go, Richard!

Browse all the Big Green Egg recipes in the contest section and vote for your favorite by clicking on the Facebook “like” button.  Do you have your own original Big Green Egg recipe that you’d like to submit?  If so, just email it to along with your name/location and anything else you’d like to share about yourself (pictures are nice, too!).

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Paella recipe for the Big Green Egg from Tony in MO

Paela-300x199 in  and big-green-egg-recipes-contestTony Hall from MO has entered a total of seven original Big Green Egg recipes to the Outdora Big Green Egg recipe contest including this one for Paella. Clearly, Tony loves his Egg.

At Outdora, we love our Egg too (on a clear day, you will find us barbequing in the lot behind our building).  If you’re an Egghead and have an original recipe that you think is scrumptious and deserving of acknowledgment, submit it to the Outdora Big Green Egg Recipe contest. Just email your recipe to along with anything you’d like included in the post (pictures or a bit about yourself). The recipe with the most Facebook “likes” come New Years Day wins the official Big Green Egg cookbook (a $50 retail value).  That recipe will also be featured by one of our celebrity chefs at Sonoma’s first annual Eggfest in the Spring.  And now, another Tony Hall BGE original…

Paella; a yummy Spanish dish with its classic saffron-yellow rice, brightly colored veggies and combination of seafood and meats. For this recipe I even purchased a vintage Dansk paella pan for preparation (go to have all the right tools (or toys)). Serves 6.

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Chicken, Andouille & Tasso Jambalaya from Tony Hall in MO

DSC 1411-300x199 in  and big-green-egg-recipes-contest

Thanks again to Tony Hall from MO for submitting his original Big Green Egg recipe to the Outdora BGE recipe contest. This recipe is for Tony’s original Big Green Egg recipe for Chicken, Andouille & Tasso Jambalaya.

Outdora will be accepting submissions for the Big Green Egg recipe contest through the end of the year. The recipe with the most Facebook “likes” wins a Big Green egg cookbook. We will also feature your recipe at the Big Green Egg festival to take place in Sonoma come Spring, 2011.

Wine country is known for it’s vast selection of wine and cuisine. Check out the Exclusive Recipes from Sonoma’s Top Chefs section of our blog for original recipes from some of the most talented chefs in the world.

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Cast Iron Skillet Burritos for the Big Green Egg from Tony Hall in MO

DSC 1625-300x199 in  and big-green-egg-recipes-contestAnother recipe from Tony Hall in Columbia, MO.  This one is for Cast Iron Skillet Burritos for the Big Green Egg.  Thanks, Tony and good luck!

Vote for your favorite Big Green Egg recipe by clicking the Facebook “like” button. The recipe with the most “likes” wins a Big Green Egg cookbook!  Do you have your own Big Green Egg recipe you’d like to enter into the contest?  If so, submit it to  Bon appetit!

Lots of choices and options allowed in this quick and easy beef dish utilizing common taco or burrito ingredients cooked up in a cast iron skillet or paella pan on high heat on the BGE.

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Italian Chicken Jambalaya Big Green Egg recipe from Tony Hall in MO

DSC 1855-300x199 in  and big-green-egg-recipes-contestI think it’s safe to say that Tony Hall from Columbia, Missouri is a bona fide Egghead.  As of today, Tony has submitted seven original Big Green Egg recipes  (all of which will be added to the blog within the next few days).  There is no limit on how many recipes that you can submit to the Big Green Egg recipes contest, as long as they are original.  The recipe with the most Facebook “likes” wins the Big Green Egg cookbook.  Good luck, Tony!

Italian Chicken – One of my favorite ways to cook on the BGE is to cook the entire meal on the grid and if that can be done in one pot or pan, all the better. This Double Broiler prepared recipe builds once again on my love of Paul Prudhomme’s spices this recipe is a variation on my Chicken Andouille Tasso Jambalaya This Jambalaya dish serves 6 as a main dish or 10-12 as an appetizer.  We do organic ingredients where it is available.

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Philly cheese hanger steak crepes from Mike Beaulieu

Outdora thanks Mike Beaulieu from Hamlin, Maine for contributing his original Philly Cheese Hanger Steak Crepes recipe for the Big Green Egg.

Just goes to show, you don’t have to be in Philly to originate a Philly cheese steak recipe!

To vote for Mike’s recipe, just click on the Facebook “like” icon.

T in  and big-green-egg-recipes-contest

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