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Chicken, Andouille & Tasso Jambalaya from Tony Hall in MO

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Thanks again to Tony Hall from MO for submitting his original Big Green Egg recipe to the Outdora BGE recipe contest. This recipe is for Tony’s original Big Green Egg recipe for Chicken, Andouille & Tasso Jambalaya.

Outdora will be accepting submissions for the Big Green Egg recipe contest through the end of the year. The recipe with the most Facebook “likes” wins a Big Green egg cookbook. We will also feature your recipe at the Big Green Egg festival to take place in Sonoma come Spring, 2011.

Wine country is known for it’s vast selection of wine and cuisine. Check out the Exclusive Recipes from Sonoma’s Top Chefs section of our blog for original recipes from some of the most talented chefs in the world.

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Cast Iron Skillet Burritos for the Big Green Egg from Tony Hall in MO

DSC 1625-300x199 in  and big-green-egg-recipes-contestAnother recipe from Tony Hall in Columbia, MO.  This one is for Cast Iron Skillet Burritos for the Big Green Egg.  Thanks, Tony and good luck!

Vote for your favorite Big Green Egg recipe by clicking the Facebook “like” button. The recipe with the most “likes” wins a Big Green Egg cookbook!  Do you have your own Big Green Egg recipe you’d like to enter into the contest?  If so, submit it to  Bon appetit!

Lots of choices and options allowed in this quick and easy beef dish utilizing common taco or burrito ingredients cooked up in a cast iron skillet or paella pan on high heat on the BGE.

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Italian Chicken Jambalaya Big Green Egg recipe from Tony Hall in MO

DSC 1855-300x199 in  and big-green-egg-recipes-contestI think it’s safe to say that Tony Hall from Columbia, Missouri is a bona fide Egghead.  As of today, Tony has submitted seven original Big Green Egg recipes  (all of which will be added to the blog within the next few days).  There is no limit on how many recipes that you can submit to the Big Green Egg recipes contest, as long as they are original.  The recipe with the most Facebook “likes” wins the Big Green Egg cookbook.  Good luck, Tony!

Italian Chicken – One of my favorite ways to cook on the BGE is to cook the entire meal on the grid and if that can be done in one pot or pan, all the better. This Double Broiler prepared recipe builds once again on my love of Paul Prudhomme’s spices this recipe is a variation on my Chicken Andouille Tasso Jambalaya This Jambalaya dish serves 6 as a main dish or 10-12 as an appetizer.  We do organic ingredients where it is available.

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Philly cheese hanger steak crepes from Mike Beaulieu

Outdora thanks Mike Beaulieu from Hamlin, Maine for contributing his original Philly Cheese Hanger Steak Crepes recipe for the Big Green Egg.

Just goes to show, you don’t have to be in Philly to originate a Philly cheese steak recipe!

To vote for Mike’s recipe, just click on the Facebook “like” icon.

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Tracing the Development of the Big Green Phenomenon

Drbbq1 in  and barbecueYou can’t miss this one.  If it has nothing else going for it, the Big Green Egg certainly stands out from the crowd.  Shaped exactly as it’s named, this unique smoker and grill has an almost fanatical following that seems to only be growing.

Where did it all begin?  Who are the “Eggheads” that rave so loudly about this product?  What’s behind the legend and when did this outdoor kitchen appliance become an industry icon?

Way Back In History

Truly a phenomenon in the 21st century, the Big Green Egg comes from humble roots.

American soldiers returning home from Japan after WWII brought cargo planes full of items from the Eastern world.  In the midst of that crowd was a unique rice steamer used in Japan for ceremonial purposes.  The “mushikamado” had a simple clay pot design that included a removable lid, a damper at the top and a draft door on the bottom.

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