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How to Pick the Right Spigot Using One’s Animal Totem

Butterfly-spigot-290x300 in  and gardeningtipsThe concept of following symbolism through one’s dreams or during meditation has a vast history.  Shamanisms, Greek Mythology, European Farmers during the Neolithic period, Hermetic, Kabbalistic, yogis, and Native Americans have all followed some form of the Underworld or Otherworld.  An animal many times guides the traveler through this sacred place and for the Native American this animal was represented on a totem.

Totems through history have been used to represent a tribe, clan, family, or individual.  An individual totem, believed by Native Americans, is linked to each person.  Throughout one’s journey it is believed that one central animal totem will be the primary guide with other animals joining in to help that individual during their life.  These secondary animals can come and go depending on what is happening in one’s life.  While there are thousands of animals only nine are recognized as animal totems.

Described below are the directions on how to mediate and find your animal totem.  But some believe that the process of merely choosing an animal either at the zoo, through a collection, or as simple as picking a garden spigot can give one insight into the animal that would represent an individuals totem.

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