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5 Ways to Prepare Your Backyard for Guests

There’s nothing like getting ready for guests during the summer months.  Backyard preparation can be easy if you start early and have a plan for what you need to tackle.  Decide what areas of your yard need attention, and what activities you want your guests to enjoy. Whether the activities will be lounging, grilling, or playing in the yard, here’s 5 ways to prepare your backyard for guests.

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1) Clearing Debris: Walk around the exterior of your home and pick up debris.  When guests come over, they will be in areas of your backyard, which you don’t usually think about. Pressure wash concrete, pool deck, and paver walkways to remove dirt and mildew.  Walk through the lawn and pick up dead branches, and mow 1-2 days prior to your guests arriving. This gives times for fresh grass to settle and clippings won’t still linger.

2) Preparing the Patio & Pool: Clean patio furniture cushions with mild detergent. If covers are removable, machine wash and let them air dry. For umbrellas, awnings, and other outdoor fabrics wash with a garden hose and let air dry 1-2 days before entertaining. In pool and pond areas make sure they are clean and inviting. Consider hiring a professional if the task seems daunting. Often times, hiring a professional will be faster, and they will use products that will keep your pool and pond cleaner, longer.

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