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Turkey Day Traditions Around the World

Cornucopia-300x237 in  and uncategorizedSince the first Pilgrims at Plymouth joined the Wampanoag American Indians for Thanksgiving in 1621, food remains the centerpiece of this all-American holiday. Not only do we gather around the table to give thanks with our family and friends, but we feast on a cornucopia of home cooking. Traditional American Thanksgiving tables include over-stuffed turkeys, creamy gravy, buttery mashed potatoes and the often reviled cranberry sauce. Top all this off with a slice of pumpkin pie for desert and you have a room full of family and friends primed for a couple of hours indulging in America’s favorite pastime – football.

However, Americans aren’t the only ones using the fall harvest as an excuse to indulge in family feasting. A number of other cultures across the globe have festivals of thanks, leaving in the culinary gluttony while passing on the pig skin.

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